“I spent two hours _________ for him”. Bạn cần điền “to wait” hay “waiting” vào chỗ trống trong câu?

Ảnh: Shutterstock
Ảnh: Shutterstock

1/10. I used ______ in Manchester before I moved to London.

A. to live

B. living

2/10. It gladdened me to see her ______ so well.

A. to look

B. looking

3/10. The windows need ______.

A. to clean

B. cleaning

4/10. I haven’t got the money _____ the concert.

A. to go

B. going

5/10. Remind me ______ the books with me, please.

A. to take

B. taking

6/10. I mustn’t forget _____ her tomorrow.

A. to phone

B. phoning

7/10. It’s no good _____ to convince her; she’ll never listen.

A. to try

B. trying

8/10. I’d enjoy bungee _____.

A. to jump

B. jumping

9/10. I would like _______ them again.

A. to see

B. seeing

10/10. I spent two hours ______ for him.

A. to wait

B. waiting