– take place: diễn ra

– Sea Games = Southeast Asian Games: Thế Vận Hội Đông Nam Á

– hold – held – held – be held: tổ chức

– host (n, v): nước chủ nhà

– spirit (n): tinh thần

– enthusiast /inj‘θju:æst/ (n): người say mê

– enthusiasm (n): sự hăng hái, nhiệt tình

– enthusiastic (a): hăng hái, nhiệt tình

– solidarity (n): sự đoàn kết sự hợp tác 

– co-operation (n): hợp tác

– co-operate (v): hợp tác

– co-operative (a)

– athlete (n): vận động viên 

– participating country: nước tham gia thi đấu

– compete (v): tranh tài 

– competitor (n): người tranh tài

– compose of = consist of: bao gồm

– close to: gần

– standing (n): vị trí, thứ hạng

– rank (v): xếp hạng

– rank (n): vị trí, thứ hạng

– participant (n): người tham gia 

– present (v): trao tặng

– outstanding (a) = excellent (a): xuất sắc

– event (n): sự kiện

– defend (v): bảo vệ

– defense/ defence (n): sự bảo vệ

– title (n) danh hiệu

– bodybuilding (n) thể dục thể hình

– energy (n) năng lượng, nghị lực

– energetic (a) đầy sinh lực

– prepare for chuẩn bị

– carry out thực hiện

– countryman – countrymen (n) đồng bào

– propose (v) + suggest (v) đề nghị

– proposal (n) = suggestion (n) lời đề nghị

– athletics (n) môn điền kinh

– cycling (n) chạy xe đạp

– odd (a) = strange (a) kì quặc

– tempting (a) cám dỗ

– deal (n) sự thỏa thuận

– clear (v) nhảy qua

– podium (n) bục danh dự

– pole ‘vaulting môn nhảy sào

– break a record phá kỷ lục

– jobless (a) = unemployed (a) thất nghiệp

– attitude (n) thái độ

– score a goal ghi bàn

– defender (n) hậu vệ

– midfielder (n) trung vệ

– attacker (n) = ‘forward/ striker tiền đạo


I. Pronunciation: Linking

1. a. trained

b. proved

c. impressed

d. performed

2. a. games

b. teams

c. medals

d. events

3. a. competitor

b. medal

c. level

d. development

4. a. honor

b. high

c. host

d. hold

5. a. development

b. cooperation

c. surprisingly

d. facility

6. a. festival

b. badminton

c. participant

d. organize

II. Choose the correct answer. 

1. Johnny used to be one of the most _________ athletes in my country.

a. succeed

b. success

c. successful

d. successfully

2. The 22nd SEA Games consisted of athletes from eleven ________ countries.

a. participate

b. participant

c. participation

d. participating

3. The ASEAN Para-Games are hosted by the same country where the SEA Games took place.

a. organized

b. impressed

c. participated

d. defended

4. How many ___________ took part in the 22nd SEA Games?

a. compete

b. competitors

c. competition

d. competitor

5. Before the 22nd SEA Games, Vietnam had made a good ___________ in every aspect.

a. prepare

b. preparation

c. preparative

d. preparer

6. The success of the 22nd SEA Games had a great contribution of many _________ volunteers.

a. support

b. supporter

c. supportive

d. supportively

7. Thanks to the progress of science and technology, our lives have become _____________.

a. more and more good

b. better and better

c. the more and more good

d. gooder and gooder

8. The Sears Tower is _________ building in Chicago.

a. taller

b. the more tall

c. the tallest

d. taller and taller

9. Peter is ____________________ John.

a. younger and more intelligent than

b. more young and intelligent than

c. more intelligent and younger than

d. the more intelligent and younger than

10. As she did so, her parents became ___________ .

a. the angriest

b. the most angry

c. the more angry

d. angrier and angrier

11. People should eat ___________ and do _________ to reduce the risk of heart disease.

a. less fat/ more exercise

b. less and less fat/ the more exercise

c. the less fat/ the more exercise

d. fatter/ more exercise

12. He spent a year in India and loves spicy food. ____________ the food is, _________ he likes it.

a. The hotter/ the more and more

b. The hotter/ the more

c. The more and more hot/ the more

d. The hottest/ the most

13._______ live in Ho Chi Minh City than in the whole of the rest of the country.

a. As much as people

b. More people

c. As many as people

d. People more

14. It gets __________ to understand what the professor has explained.

a. the more difficult

b. more difficult than

c. difficult more and more

d. more and more difficult

15. We _________ touch since we ____________ school three years ago.

a. lost/ have left

b. have lost/ leave

c. have lost/ left

d. were losing/ had left

16. What __________ when the fire alarm ________ off?

a. are you doing/ will go

b. have you done/ would go

c. were you doing/ went

d. will you do/ are going

17. My glasses are in my book bag, but I don’t remember…………… them there.

a. putting

b. to put

c. I put

d. put

18. I’d like……………….. somewhere different for a change.

a. to go

b. going

c. go

d. to have gone

19. He agreed……………..the job as soon as possible.

a. start

b. starting

c. to start

d. to be started

20. Look at those windows! They really need……………….

a. to clean

b. cleaning

c. to be cleaned

d. b and c are correct

III. Choose the best answers

1. I wish I —————– a car. It would make life so much easier.

A. have

B. would have

C. had

D. had had

2. She wishes she —————- the most famous person in the world.

A. had been

B. will be

C. was

D. were

3. I was late for work this morning. I wish I —————– late.

A. had been

B. were

C. hadn’t been

D. weren’t

4. I can’t speak Chinese. I wish I —————- speak Chinese.

A. can

B. could

C. were

D. was

5. I regretted not telling him what happened last night. I wish I ——————— him.

A. would tell

B. told

C. had told

D. hadn’t told

IV. Choose the best answers

1. I have not seen her for 2 months.

A. It’s 2 months since I last saw her

B. It’s two months after I last saw her.

C. I haven’t seen her since 2 months ago

D. I didn’t see her for 2 months.

2. The train had already left before I got to the station.

A. When I got to the station, the train had already left.

B. When I get to the station, the train has already left.

C. The train left after I had got to the station.

D. The train already left when I was getting to the station.

3. The last time I saw this film was three years ago.

A. I haven’t seen this film for three years ago.

B. I haven’t seen this film since three years.

C. I didn’t see this film for three years.

D. I haven’t seen this film for three years.

4. Lan doesn’t have enough time to make her wedding cake.

A. If Lan had more time, she would make her wedding cake.

B. If Lan had more time, she would have made her wedding cake.

C. Lan will make her wedding cake if she has more time.

D. Lan will make her wedding cake unless she has more time.

5. This is the first time they have been to England.

A. They have never been to England before.

B. They went to England once.

C. They haven’t been to England so far.

D. They have been to England many times.